NW Mediation Service is a professional service available to assist you with dispute resolution and cooperative settlements.

A safe, neutral environment to share your concerns and perspectives


Approved Superior Court Family Law Mediator for Skagit, Island and San Juan Counties                                       


♦ Family Law Mediation issues involving:


Property Division

Parenting Plans (new parenting plans, plan modification and review/problem solving)

♦ Professional Mediation issues involving:



Elder & Caregiver concerns

Family Estate/Will disputes

Professional Mediator Certification since 2010 by Washington Mediation Association.  WMA is the only Professional Mediator Certification program in Washington*.

WMA Certified Categories of Practice: Business/Commercial, Community, Workplace, Domestic/Family, Government.

*WMA establishes mediator qualifications that are important steps in gaining wider acceptance of mediation among the courts and other professions in our state.  To meet WMA Certification Requirements, a mediator must meet Levels of Quality for Training/Education, Experience and Areas of Specialization.  Certified Mediators agree to WMA Standards of Practice and Continuing Education requirements.  Certification is reviewed every two years.  See the WMA website to ensure the mediator you are considering is listed as a ‘Certified Mediator’.

♦ Client Comments:


“The mediator was able to get us through when I thought it was hopeless”

“The mediator kept the conversation ‘calm’ and not escalating”

“Thank you for all your help in this manner.  I am happy with the decisions I made.  It seems that freedom was more important to me than money.  At least we don’t have to fight it in court.” 

“The ability to talk freely without emotions flying out of control.  Thank You”

“Ability to resolve issues peacefully”

“Freedom to speak freely without fear”

“The ability to come together with someone to help clarify my position”

“Neutral ground and fair participation.  Very Professional”

“Neutral ground in which to discuss potentially inflamatory topics” 

“This was very helpful with going through a very unfamiliar and potentially stressful process”

“How we stayed on task and how it moved along.  Thank you very much.”

“My voice being heard”

“Even playing field very helpful to be sure that the parties communicated effectively”



“Open discussion to hear both parents concerns”

“The ability to talk one on one in a relaxed situation”

“Neutral ground…..and saved me money in the long-run”

“The mediation session was less confrontational, respectful dialogue”

“It was nice to have someone there to help in the hard times.  It brought out real emotions”

“We were able to talk more about the issues at hand”

“I liked that communication was possible with the other party”

“I liked feeling like my points and concerns were actually heard.  It was constructive and worth the time and money.” 

“My voice being heard”

“Having a 3rd party impartial person there was helpful”



“I liked that the parties talked directly with one another and voiced their concerns.  Very pleased that agreement was reached.”

“I liked the communication between the parties themselves.  This was my first experience with NW Mediation Service – it was very positive and costs were excellent.”

Mediation improves communication.

Mediation provides a neutral and confidential setting in which the parties can openly discuss their views of the underlying dispute. Enhanced communication can lead to mutually satisfactory and longer lasting settlements. Mediation is one way that people can resolve their conflicts and still maintain or improve the quality of the relationship with the other person.


An independent survey showed 96% of all respondents and 91% of all charging parties who used mediation would use it again.



Family   ♦  Workplace 

Business and Commercial  ♦  Contracts and Property

Elder & Estate Concerns 

Call for a Free Initial Consultation:  360-299-0977

Email info@nwmediationservice.com

NW Mediation Service  PO Box 222   Anacortes, WA  98221    

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