Mediation Fee Schedule

A one-time, initial non­-refundable $75.00 fee per party covers intake, scheduling and document set-up.  This fee is due prior to your mediation session.

Mediation Session fees are $75.00 per hour – with the hourly fee divided between the two parties.

Each mediation session is scheduled for 3 hours with a two hour minimum**.  The third hour may be pro-rated and billed at 15 minute increments as used.  **3 hour minimum for San Juan Islands/Langley/Clinton.

Each party is responsible for their portion of the fee unless otherwise noted in a previously filed court document approved by a superior court judge.  It is the responsibility of each party to notify NW Mediation Service prior to the first session if the fee is to be reapportioned.

The balance of each session fee is due by each party at the conclusion of each session.  Please be prepared to make your payment by check or exact cash.

      Family Mediation  ♦  Workplace Mediation

Business and Commercial Mediation  ♦  Contractual and Property Mediation

NW Mediation Service  PO Box 222   Anacortes, WA  98221   360.299.0977 


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